In-store product placement and testing

Hit shelves faster for rapid product testing, new market entry, and actionable data generation

Move quickly and with confidence


Rapid live testing
in stores

Quickly test new packaging, formulations, product lines, and more with real consumers


Frictionless new market entry

Expand to new markets and customer segments faster and more easily


Full access to performance data

Get your full sales performance data without additional fees

How it works

Create a campaign -
choose products you want to feature

Bid for locations - choose your desired retailers and in-store locations

Send products - fulfill orders to retailers for accepted bids

Joining is free, no membership fees!


Your total costs will vary based on chosen retailers, product type, location in-store, and other variables.

There are two costs:

(1) Shelf rental – this is a one-time cost to get you on the shelf for your time period

(2) Commission – all sales of your product will be divided between you and the retailer

*Note – you have the option of having all unsold merchandise returned to you

Nope, we don’t charge a retainer. We take a commission off the retailers rent.

Yes, each agreement with a retailer comes with an agreement. These agreements will be staple agreements across brands and retailers to expedite product placement.

No, we are not a broker. We only facilitate short-term featuring of your product. If your product performs well, you are welcome to negotiate with the retailer to keep your product on your own (or with a true broker).

We currently don’t have distributor partners. We are working to develop a network of distributors to ease product fulfillment.

Products will be shipped from you directly to the retailers fulfillment centers.

The rough timeline is:

(1) Submit campaign

(2) Retailers evaluate options [few weeks]

(3) If accepted, you send your product [few weeks]

(4) Your product is featured on shelf [3 months]

There is no negotiation. After you submit your campaign, retailers can accept/decline your bid. 

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