get into retail faster

your shortcut onto shelves

what brands get

get into retail quickly

no negotiations or long sales cycles - if your bid is accepted you're in

performance data

include your performance data in your pitches to other retailers for product and market validation

marketing & visibility

get in front of new customers and expand your physical footprint and visibility

personal touch

we work with you and our partners to provide quality connections that improve customer experiences

how it works for brands

create a campaign -
choose products you want to feature

bid for locations - choose from retailers and location in-store

send products - fulfill orders to retailers for accepted bids

fast placement for ultrafast growth

join us as a brand

guaranteed income to feature products in your store

no risk with guaranteed sale agreements

exciting product selection to attract customers

test data to inform future product selection decisions

what retailers get

join our community as a retailer!

how it works for retailers

create profile -
include location data and shelf availability

accept bids - see bids for shelf space and choose the best ones

sell products - sell products as you would any other

how much does it cost retailers? how much do retailers earn?

joining is free (and no monthly fees)! retailers earn the bid price and product sales – the amount depends on how many bids you accept and how much product sells.

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