Frequently Asked Questions: Brands

Joining is free, with no membership fees!

There are three costs to brands:

  1. Placement fee – this is a one-time cost to get you on-shelf for a 3-month placement period.
  2. Commission – all sales of your product will be divided between you and the retailer. You get to choose the retailer commission offered for each product campaign.
  3. Shipping – you are responsible for shipping your products to the retailer’s stores or fulfilment centers.

Your total costs will vary based on chosen retailers, product type, location in-store, and other variables.

You have the option of having unsold units returned to you at the end of the placement period.

Nope! We never charge a retainer or other fixed fee, so you can use our platform as frequently or infrequently as needed.

Yes. When you bid on retailer space and your bid is accepted, this constitutes a binding contract according to our User Agreement. It ensures that retailers receive the correct products in a timely fashion, and that both parties gets paid appropriately.

No, we are not a broker. We only facilitate short-term featuring of your product. If your product performs well, you are welcome to open discussions with the retailer on your own to enter a traditional retail arrangement.

You are responsible for shipping products directly to retail fulfillment centers. If you work with a distributor, we are happy to coordinate with them.

We are presently building our own logistics network to streamline order fulfillment – stay tuned!

The rough timeline is:

  1. Submit your campaign
  2. Retailers evaluate bids on their space [a few weeks]
  3. If your products are accepted, you send your product [a few weeks]
  4. Your product is featured on-shelf [3 months]

There are no negotiations or other dealmaking. After you submit your campaign, retailers simply accept or decline your bid(s). If your bid is accepted, you’re in!

Yes. You will always receive raw sales data with handy graphics and visualizations, and for an additional fee, we can leverage our deep expertise in data science to perform custom analyses for you. Please contact us for details.

Frequently Asked Questions: Retailers

Your earnings will come from two sources – placement fees and sales commissions. As the retailer, you will set the minimum acceptable placement fees for your shelf space. Brands choose the offered commission when they create a campaign and bid on your space. Commissions will be between 30% and 60% of sales, depending on the product category.

Pricing will depend on the in-store location, with price per linear foot or price per slot being most common. You have the freedom to price your space as you wish. In a given in-store location, we recommend using the gross margin of an average SKU as the baseline value of that space, and applying a multiplier of your choosing to set your minimum placement fee.

No! Goods are provided on a consignment-like model at no cost to you, and you will earn a commission on sales.

Currently, consumer products in the snack, drink, beauty, and skincare segments have the greatest representation on our platform.

We auto-match brands and retailers based on their profiles, but you always have the final say on whether to accept or decline a brand’s bid on your space.

Brands may choose whether to have unsold units sent back to them, or to allow the retailer to retain them. You will know which option they have chosen before accepting a bid.

If a brand has elected to have unsold units returned to them, we will provide you with a shipping label and materials. Simply pack and ship the items.

If a brand does not want unsold product returned to them, you may do as you wish with the unsold units.

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