Inventory-free retail for better variety and margins

We bring you exciting new brands and products with low risk and high potential. Request a catalog below!

Joining is free, no membership fees!


Your total costs will vary based on chosen retailers, product type, location in-store, and other variables.

There are two costs:

(1) Shelf rental – this is a one-time cost to get you on the shelf for your time period

(2) Commission – all sales of your product will be divided between you and the retailer

*Note – you have the option of having all unsold merchandise returned to you

Nope, we don’t charge a retainer. We take a commission off the retailers rent.

Yes, each agreement with a retailer comes with an agreement. These agreements will be staple agreements across brands and retailers to expedite product placement.

No, we are not a broker. We only facilitate short-term featuring of your product. If your product performs well, you are welcome to negotiate with the retailer to keep your product on your own (or with a true broker).

We currently don’t have distributor partners. We are working to develop a network of distributors to ease product fulfillment.

Products will be shipped from you directly to the retailers fulfillment centers.

The rough timeline is:

(1) Submit campaign

(2) Retailers evaluate options [few weeks]

(3) If accepted, you send your product [few weeks]

(4) Your product is featured on shelf [3 months]

There is no negotiation. After you submit your campaign, retailers can accept/decline your bid. 

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